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This week’s Torah portion, Chukat, contains one of the most beautiful pictures of Yeshua in the entire Torah; the bronze serpent. In the book of Numbers, we read about the children of Israel and their encounter with an unusual plague from God. In chapter twenty-one we read,

“Then they journeyed from Mount Hor by the Way of the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom; and the soul of the people became very discouraged on the way. And the people


This week we read about laws regarding restitution, the woman suspected of adultery, nazarite vows, and uncleanness outside the camp. I want to focus in on the passage regarding adultery and God’s attitude toward the exposure of sin. When we read this passage of Numbers, we see that it is concerning a wife suspected of adultery, who has decided to cover up her sins. No witnesses, no proof, no evidence. God gives the prescription; a most embarrassing ceremony that will


God’s pursuit of man.

There is something I believe to be completely necessary and revolutionary for one’s personal faith in God and view of the scripture. That is the fact that God is much more in pursuit of man than man is in pursuit of God. God is not solely a righteous judge waiting to render judgment on a sinful world. Rather, He is a loving Father Who desires to see us live, prosper, succeed, and have the most fulfilled and


Leviticus. Temple Service. Priesthood

These are some of the topics we begin to dive into as we enter the book of Leviticus. For much of the book of Leviticus, we can very easily feel disconnected from what we read. This is very understandable due to the fact that we haven’t had an active temple service for nearly two thousand years! Let’s put that into perspective. We are talking about a practice that nobody has seen since before Genghis Khan, Muhammad, the


We are His Precious Gems

This week we learn about the clothing of the High Priest for service in the temple. This is one of those portions that, at first glance, is easy to be disconnected from. We don’t have a standing temple or a priestly service to physically see and experience in real time, which can make it hard to see the beautiful picture being painted by God.

I am a firm believer that what we read about the priesthood, especially


No Turning Back

This week’s Torah portion covers what is, considered by most, the single most significant event in the Old Testament; The Exodus from Egypt. It is here where the plagues and wonders of God climax with Pharaoh sending the Hebrews out of Egypt and the people of Israel beginning their long journey as a new nation of their own. This event sets the stage for the rest of Israel’s history as a people, their covenant relationship with God, and


King of Glory

Often when we think of the person of Yeshua, things such as “Savior,” “Teacher,” and “Messiah” come to mind. We reflect on the greatness of His teachings and the way He explained the Torah in a way none before Him ever could. We sing songs of His great sacrifice and love for His people. Sometimes, however, I think we forget the awe-inspiring nature of His rule and return as the King of all Heaven and Earth!

It’s no surprise

Jesus: Building the Proper Foundation for our Youth

Last year I had the incredible honor and opportunity of speaking in six states, at three Bible-based youth camps, as well as three Bible conferences across the country. While I was at the annual “Revive” conference put on by the Hebraic Roots Network, I was speaking with a man that I have really grown to respect. Mr. Scott Diffenderfer. Scott and I were discussing ministry. I had been involved in ministry, primarily youth ministry, within the Torah movement for